The story of Pele Creations is filled with the rich history of our now promising garment industry. 


It is a story embedded in generations of love and passion for the unique elei hand prints and resort wear. It started with an imprint caused by a fallen frangipani flower on a freshly hand printed fabric that was laid out to dry by Natalya's grandmother. 


Many will remember Carol and Mark in the 1960s and 70s, the original home of Pele Creations, where an iconic woman wove into her designs from the canvas of her creative mind, what is now signature prints of Pele Creations. You will see imprints of the fallen frangipani and tropical leaves on any Pele, a symbol of how it touched the heart of its creator.


Natalya Ah Him carries with pride the reviving of her grandmother’s work with garments and reflects much on the love and support of the hard working women in her family who have all taken part in the birth and revival of Pele Creations.




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