The creative fire behind the DMF Fashion label – Dane Fabricius fashion Icon and Designer. Dane's parents were his main inspiration, the mannerisms he learned from a young age, such as neatly combed hair, precise ironing, and smart dressing, influenced his inner-designer.


For someone that loves to pick-and-choose outfit pieces, chaotic closets are inevitable. Dane tells of his love for blazers and coats, mixing formal with informal, as well as wearing dark tones complemented with a pop of bright, crazy colour.

“There’s no other time to dress down, no other time to dress beyond, every day is an opportunity to dress, and for me as a person, I want to dress every day like it’s my last and take every second in my life as an important second.”



Samoa is a vital influence on Dane’s design sense and he takes great pride in our heritage. “I know Samoa is a small country, but we have a lot to offer and I always look forward to that. People say that our island is a dot but we don’t step forward to realise that we do have lots to offer.”


Dane sets his goals high and doesn’t let anything stand in his way. “In five years I want my name to be a household name, be on the biggest strips of fashion like Milan, Paris and New York. At the same time I want to take my culture as my brand.”




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