In May 2016, 'GRACE on LEPOU' a plus size line was launched. The word GRACE derives from my Heavenly Father Jehovah GOD, being HIS GRACE upon Lepou. The birth and beginning of GRACE on LEPOU.


This label is dedicated to the fuller and voluptuous figure or otherwise known as plus size. Women who are not afraid to embrace who they are as an individual human being, no matter what shape or form but that they are strong, wise and invincible. Women who have no desire to conform to what other fashion statements dictate in what they should/shouldn’t wear or what color is best. One who loves life, loves feeling grand, needs no introduction, and knows her worth. One who is also humble, but don’t think for one minute that you could fool her as she carries herself with GRACE while loving the finer things of life. Loves a challenge, a challenge she knows that will be in her favor. Loves to explore, share, and has the freedom to express herself. Loves to wear her fashion senses not because she needs to but because she can. Women that own it!




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