Despite what their name suggests; Exclusive by Off Da Rock is very inclusive and very welcoming of all people of different colors, shapes and sizes. Every fabric, every print, every stitch, is made with each of their beautiful customers in mind. They customize each outfit to their measurements and suggested style for their event.


They commit to their love for fashion and culture and continue to integrate the two to give their clients the best of both worlds. Team Exclusive By Off Da Rock consists of the mastermind Leuila Ioane, her husband Joseph, and their three employees. A small team that caters to a variety of people each day. All designs are cut and painted by hand, and takes time and precision.


"We do everything within our power to meet all of our amazing clients’ needs and expectations; whether it’s something fun for a night out, or something elegant for a romantic evening. My passion as a designer stems from wanting everyone, no matter age, size, race or sexual orientation to feel beautiful and special. An Exclusive piece can make you feel just that. As a mother, I want my children to look their absolute best, as they are a representation of myself. It brings me joy being able to create matching pieces for my little family and it makes me extremely happy when I can do the same for others. I just want to share my joy with others the best way I know how to. And at the end of the day, we are just simple humble people who still come from humble beginnings and continue to do everything with God as our foundation."



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