Island TKM was founded by Sydney born, Tongan established fashion designer Iki Ha'angana in September of 2015, just in time to be featured within the first PRFS show held at CarriageWorks in Sydney. Fashion and creativity was always in his blood being the great-grandson, grandson and son to all seamstresses however not even stepping onto a sewing machine until his early 20s. He thought he'd follow in the footsteps of his grandfather and become an artist but it wasn't until after winning an Australian nation-widetshirt designing competition with Gluestore where his interest in the fashion industry was sparked.


Now with Island TKM in its third year we see his label catering to a much broader audience with the introduction of its mainstream collection TKM, a more internal, sleeker and slightly darker take on his previous work.


You will find that Iki's work always reflects his love of colour and interesting fabric juxtopositions, with his Polynesian background and love for kpop being his main influences


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