Kymberlee Street

Bio: Former Miss Philippines Australia 2017, Miss Grand Australia 3RUP and Pageant of the World Miss Philippines. Kymberlee is 20 years old, half Filipino and half Australian. Currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce at Macquarie University majoring in Finance and Accounting. She is a down to earth, positive and compassionate person who loves to travel and explore new places. Has always been passionate about getting involved in the community, being a part of in multiple charitable organisations, wanting to help spread awareness, and striving to make a real difference where she can. What she loves about modelling is meeting and working with incredible and talented people.

Mitchell Webb-Leifi

Bio: Current Mr Landscapes Australia 2019 and Second Runner up for Mr Landscapes International 2019. Mitchell is 18 years old, and is Samoan and Aboriginal descent. He loves to take on challenges as a rugby league player, fashion model and as the ambassador for the University of Sydney. He also is studying to become a neurosurgeon and has a passion for playing music. His future goals is to help the Polynesian youth to fulfill their dreams, especially as a university ambassador he strives to support education within the Aboriginal and Polynesian communities.


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